About ICHS

ICHS is a statewide nonprofit organization of more than 20 agencies and associations representing a broad spectrum of interests and populations. For nearly 40 years, ICHS has been a leading voice for those in need of a basic safety net and life enriching human services. ICHS’s work makes Indiana a better place for vulnerable Hoosiers. 

Coalition representatives work to monitor and engage on statewide human service policy every day. In recent years our advocacy at the Indiana Statehouse has resulted in policy driven discussion and legislative victories to ensure working and vulnerable Hoosiers’ issues were heard. Some of these include preventing predatory lending expansions, changes in early childhood education, childcare, and senior and disability services. Work on legislative proposals to alter Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) and workforce development programs, and the mitigation or defeat of policy proposals that would adversely impact Hoosiers.

ICHS regularly updates members on policy and gathers valuable input on local realities, opportunities for advocacy, and priorities. Our lifeline is our membership. Each member organization contributes time and talent to further our mission. We invite you to take advantage of ICHS’ benefits by participating in our programs and events.